Drinks, diner and staying in Antwerp

Turn opera or ballet into a tailor-made experience. From an XS with a quick last-minute ticket, to an XL with dinner and hotel stay.

You can always drop by the box office for a last-minute ticket. Just as casual as a trip to the cinema, but... you can also turn your evening at the opera or ballet into a relaxing outing. Here are a few suggestions. Discover what Antwerp has to offer and enjoy!


At Opera Antwerp, you can find snacks and drinks on different levels:

On level 1 (at the level of the 1st balcony), you can visit our FOYER and BAR COUR (takeaway bar). In the FOYER we offer drinks and you will also find our SMAAKBAR (taste bar) there. This is where you can go for a small snack and where we always highlight a drink. Our FOYER is also the ideal place to catch up with a drink after the show. Next to the FOYER you will find BAR COUR, which is also our takeaway bar. Avoid the queue during the interval and order and pay for your drink(s) in advance in the entrance hall. You can then collect these from BAR COUR (takeaway bar) during the break.

On level 4 (at the level of the 3rd balcony), you can now quench your thirst at BAR JARDIN. In this brand-new bar you can catch up quietly at a table.

On level 5 (level of 1st amphitheatre) you will be immersed in blue spheres in our BLUE BAR. Do you like an intimate atmosphere? Then the BLUE BAR is for you.

The FOYER is open before the show, during the interval and until one hour after the show. BAR COUR, BAR JARDIN and the BLUE BAR are open during intermission.

For your and our safety, all our bars are cashless. Pay smoothly by card.

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The quickest way to the bar?

If you have tickets on the parterre or 1st balcony: then the FOYER is the closest.

If you have tickets on the 2nd or 3rd balcony: then BAR JARDIN is the closest.

If you have tickets on the 1st or 2nd amfi: then the BLUE BAR is the closest.


Of course, you can make your stay as cheap or as expensive as you like. There are many other possibilities in bustling Antwerp. On the website www.visitantwerpen.be you will find everything you need to plan your visit.

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