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Frederik Neyrinck

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Musical theatre where more than 50 children take the stage to go on a quest for children's rights.

Worldwide, children are trapped in factories full of well-known brands. Sewing, stitching, toiling. For the powerful and the multinational. Worldwide, children descend daily into mines full of easy money. Worldwide, children flee from destruction to another 'tomorrow'. With a tireless resilience, looking for the freedom and self-realisation they deserve. Kruistocht (Crusade) is a contemporary family opera by Johan De Smet and Frederik Neyrinck which zooms in on children's slavery and migration by children. In a diverse cast of all ages, with more than fifty children onstage and a musical alliance between orchestra and the Compact Disk Dummies, we find Marjan De Schutter, who captivated last season in Der Silbersee. Kruistocht is a theatrical quest for the rights of the child. A journey through history about a necessary battle that has yet to be won.

ca. 1 hour 30 min

Dutch spoken

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Dates and tickets

From €20

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