Sea Pictures

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Sea Pictures

Sea Pictures

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Richard Strauss - Edward Elgar

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A symphonic concert that is full of beauty, with music by Strauss, Mozart and Elgar.

Barely 18 years old but no beginner. According to many connoisseurs, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart definitively made the transition from sensational prodigy to mature composer with his Symphony No. 29 in A. Although his characteristic gift for melody already shows from the opening theme – which you will still be humming days later – the graceful score betrays the influence of Mozart's great example, Joseph Haydn. Mozart, in turn, would grow into the idol of composer Richard Strauss. In his fabulous Oboe Concerto in D, more than a century and a half later and at the end of his life, he seems to come home with an elegant style that once again refers to Mozart's clear classicism. The evening also brings us across the water with Edward Elgar's enchanting song cycle Sea Pictures. In this cycle, the English composer dives into the majestic world of the sea, from its rocking cradle to epic waves to the mysterious coral reefs beneath the surface.

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Dates and tickets

From €22

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