Göteborgs-Posten over Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's 'Noetic'

“When the rods are shaped into circles in various formations, it is like seeing the world being danced out. The dancers slip out of and into the circles and their own groupings. A work of precision but of quite a different nature to anything we have seen recently. The visual effects are breathtaking and deeply moving. The conditions of existence are made concrete as movement in the artwork. Breathlessly we see the cast build a world and enter the person into it.”

Expressen Göteborg over Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's 'Noetic'

“This is dance that really dances, with expressive backs turned towards the audience, with headstrong solos and flowing corps sections. The recently composed music by Szymon Brzóska flows between the orchestra's generous sections to Shogo Yoshi on the Japanese taiko drums, flute and violin, and Miriam Andersén in lightly choreographed song sections. "Noetic" has become an unusually rich and consummate choreography which binds many perspectives together and extends the focus around human capacity.”

This Week In New York over Pina Bausch’ ‘Le sacre du printemps’

Set to Igor Stravinsky's classic score, Bausch's The Rite of Spring is a force all its own, one of the most thrilling, heart-wrenching dances you're ever likely to see.

The New Yorker over Pina Bausch’ ‘Le sacre du printemps’

“It's filled with brute power and dizzying grace — a death dance punctuated by endurance.”