In this community project, Maja Westerveld brings together inhabitants of different cities in a fictitious pub, where they can tell stories, grieve and celebrate.

It's night. It's raining outside. We would hear the thunderstorm approaching from afar, if the music wasn't so loud. Inside the café, the light is dim. The dark red curtains carefully block out the reality. It smells of stale beer, air freshener with summer breeze, sweat and cigarette smoke. The floor is sticky from spilt drinks and crushed ambitions. But make no mistake. Because here, the air sizzles with boisterous zest for life. With roguish glances, tall tales and good intentions. And while the outside world rushes past at breakneck speed, in this pub there is dancing, regret and celebration with every fibre of the body. You're most welcome. Schemer (Twilight) is the urban project of the new festival All Arias. Director Maja Westerveld creates a performance together with residents of Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Mechelen. She herself is a member of the Mechelen-based company Abattoir Fermé, which alternates musical theatre with visual creations, dance, text theatre and opera. Central to her work are productions for and by a wide audience, regardless of age or culture. In Schemer she brings city dwellers together and weaves their stories into a polyphonic tableau.

At this moment, it is not sure yet if we will be able to bring this show for a live audience. Keep an eye on this page for all updates and the start date of ticket sales.

This production is part of the festival All Arias.

De makers

  • Maja Westerveld


  • Inwoners van Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent en Mechelen


Data en tickets

From €25

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