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Ballet and nightclubs, a combination that goes wonderfully well together.

Club and pop culture have always influenced and inspired contemporary dance. Not only do their musical references and visual codes appear in choreographies, it is above all the spirit of subcultural underground movements that lives in the bodies of the dancers. To this day, clubs are the safe places where sexual identities and alternative lifestyles outside the mainstream can be lived out. In the STROOM project, the work of the Dutch-Swedish choreographer Jefta van Dinther and of the Amsterdam choreographer Cherish Menzo will enter into dialogue to reveal new perspectives on the subconscious foundation from which they emerged. While Menzo became known for deconstructing the iconographies of femaleness in American hip-hop videos from the nineties, Van Dinther works with an immersive light and sound aesthetic that is more reminiscent of the transgressive physicalities of Technoclubs. For Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, these two artists enter into a collaboration in which their choreographic work fully opens up to unknown contexts and perspectives.

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