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Jasmine Achtari


The Swiss Jasmine Achtari studied at the Association pour la formation de jeunes danseurs in Lausanne. She completed her dance training in the same city at Rudra, founded by Maurice Béjart, where she danced, among others, his Le Sacre du printemps and Cantate 51. From 2021 to 2023 she danced with IT Dansa, Joven Compañía in Barcelona, ​​where she performed work by amongst others Akram Khan, Alexander Ekman and Cayetano Soto Ramirez. Since 2023, Jasmine Achtari has been a dancer in the company of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

Repertoire at OBV

  • Half Life (Sharon Eyal)

*originated the role

Updated october 2023

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