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Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman


The fascinating and original diptych JOY is constructed around two heavyweights of Swedish dance today: Johan Inger and Alexander Ekman. Each with their own languages of movement and individual visions of dance. Both of them seek out the limits of absurdity and balance between humour and sobriety. Both choreographers are in search of an antidote to the dark side of life: loneliness and impermanence.
In B.R.I.S.A., Johan Inger interrogates themes of awakening and change. What kind of a world is concealed behind people and their habits? Everyday preoccupations, big and small, can leave us feeling lost and insignificant. Brisa is the Spanish word for wind. According to Inger, history teaches us that a fresh wind of change always starts with just the slightest breeze. In this way, starting from solitary figures in an empty space, the choreographer gradually unleashes a true revolution, a whirlwind of movement that slowly spreads through the entire group.

In the work of Alexander Ekman as well, the struggle for breathing space, humour, freedom and above all, joy, is a theme. Ekman is the choreographer of sophisticated absurdity. JOY was created for the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago in just two weeks' time. That speed is embodied in the ebullient energy of the choreography, developed from classical technique and created based on improvisation and the pure pleasure of dancing. JOY is an intriguing and highly entertaining work about the concept of joy, which is celebrated but at the same time also called into question.
Free introduction 45 minutes before the start of the performance.

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