Opera, ballet & film: Manifesto (cancelled)

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Opera, ballet & film: Manifesto (cancelled)

Opera, ballet & film: Manifesto (cancelled)


In collaboration with Cinema Cartoon's (Antwerp) and Studio Skoop (Ghent), Opera Ballet Vlaanderen will present a selection of films in the spring of 2022 that are inspired by the performances on our programme. Three creators are central: Pina Bausch, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Julian Rosefeldt.

Under the motto 'art does not need seriousness, but truth', Julian Rosefeldt lets top actress Cate Blanchett interpret a stimulating amalgam of manifestos by Dadaists, Surrealists, Marxists, Futurists, and so on. In each of the film's thirteen chapters, Blanchett takes on the role of a different character, ranging from a school teacher or a newsreader to a homeless person. Julian Rosefeldt's much-talked-about film gives viewers a taste of his ingenuity and aesthetics as a versatile artist. He will also direct the opera Faust, Robert Schumann's unsurpassed masterpiece, for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

Tickets via Cinemacartoons.be and studioskoop.be

Manifesto will play in autumn of 2022 in Studio Skoop, parallel to the performances of Faust in Ghent.



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