White Flag

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White Flag

White Flag

Benny Claessens


With contemporary goddesses, a queer chorus and pink plush Benny Claessens hoists the white flag and calls for surrender

‘All will be well, a new beginning has come!’, goddesses in ancient myths always seem to sing when the end of a crisis is in sight, drying the tears of mankind. Director Benny Claessens, together with three contemporary goddesses and a queer chorus, hoists the white flag and leads us to a place of sensual and vulnerable pleasure. A place where we can surrender and do not always have to be strong. Where we dare to rebel against the existing order and try to look at traditional, masculine values such as strength, genius and heroism in a new way.

In the twilight of dawn, Benny’s goddesses (Challenge Gumbodete, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Lulu Obermayer) sing of surrender as the last form of resistance. White Flag is a hybrid performance with live film, music, theatre… and lots of pink plush. The result: an entertaining and visually stunning performance. To hell with geniuses and heroes. A new beginning lies ahead.

Coproduction with Theater Neumarkt

The creators

  • Benny Claessens


  • Nid & Sancy (Bart Demey & Tania Gallagher)

    Music and composition

  • Stefan Britze

    Scenography, light and video design

  • Teresa Vergho

    Costume design

  • Challenge Gumbodete


  • Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe


  • Lulu Obermayer


  • Antwerp Queer Choir o.l.v. Danny de Jong, Isaak Duerinck & Katrien Eerdekens




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