Der Freischütz

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Der Freischütz

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Der Freischütz

Carl Maria von Weber

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'Woe to him who sees symbols!'

In a run-down clubhouse on the edge of the forest, a hunting club clings stubbornly to its traditions. For example, the young hunter Max must prove himself in a shooting test before he can marry his beloved Agathe. Max hasn’t had a successful shot in weeks and is full of worries. Out of fear of failure, he becomes involved in dark forces and practices. Will those magical rituals grant him a direct hit? The Swiss theatre legend Christoph Marthaler joins forces with the equally legendary scenographer Anna Viebrock. Together they playfully undermine the symbolic status of Der Freischütz: featuring a wealth of folk songs, Carl Maria von Weber’s opera was soon dubbed the first   ̒Deutsche Nationaloper’. Marthaler allows the singers and actors to expose the provincial narrow-mindedness of the characters, who are trapped in tics and rituals. An amusing reinvention of the German classic, in which beer glasses are bound to be raised.

Original production by Theater Basel (2022). Co-production with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

Romantic opera in three acts 1821, sung in German.

The creators

  • Stephan Zilias


  • Christoph Marthaler


  • Anna Viebrock

    Scenography and costume design

  • Karl-Heinz Brandt


  • Raimund Nolte


  • Louise Kemény


  • Rosemary Hardy


  • Thomas Jesatko


Trailer Der Freischütz door Theater Basel


Dates and tickets

From €23

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