Intolleranza 1960

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Intolleranza 1960

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Intolleranza 1960

Luigi Nono

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A strident indictment of intolerance

Intolleranza 1960 – this is what the Italian composer Luigi Nono called his first production for opera. In doing so, he was referring to his own time, when the shocks of the Second World War were still clearly palpable, and when Hiroshima, the Algerian war of decolonisation and the revival of Italian fascism also left deep wounds. In short episodes we follow the political awakening of a miner, the Emigrant, who returns to his homeland and finds himself in a vortex of violence and intolerance. He succeeds in rallying more and more people in the fight against injustice and oppression. Until disaster strikes again. In Benedikt von Peter’s moving production, the audience is on stage, among the singers and the chorus, and surrounded by the power of the orchestral violence. As part of the impressive resonating body of Nono’s music theatre, the audience is directly confronted with the demand for solidarity and coherence in the pursuit of a different and better world.

A production of Theater Basel (2023), based on a production by Staatsoper Hannover. A co-production with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

Azione scenica in two parts 1961, sung in Italian and German.

With the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government.

The Young Ensemble is supported by the Friends of OBV.

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Dates and tickets

From €77

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