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Richard Strauss

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Decadence and revolt

Herod lusts after his stepdaughter Salome and insists on seeing her dance. Salome longs to kiss the mouth of the imprisoned John the Baptist – a prophet of doom who loses himself in hate speech. In Strauss’ ‘scandal opera’, based on the play by enfant terrible Oscar Wilde, all the protagonists pursue the fulfilment of their own ego. Director Ersan Mondtag, who previously created flamboyant productions at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen such as Der Schmied von Gent (Schreker) and Der Silbersee (Weill), focuses on the political thriller in Strauss’ breathtaking work. He sees parallels between the historical Herod, vassal of the Roman Empire, and contemporary dictators such as Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenko. They are completely dependent on a higher power to maintain their rule. However, revolutionary forces are intent on a total destruction of Herod’s decaden empire… With music director Alejo Pérez at the helm of the Symphony Orchestra, the new Salome also promises to reach musical heights.

Libretto based on the play by Oscar Wilde. Music drama in one act 1905, sung in German.

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