Opera Ballet Vlaanderen delivers strong work thanks to strong partnerships. Something for you and your company?

Partnershipsc Porollo

Are you fond of our House? Then there are various opportunities to enjoy our performances and our historical locations even more.

Through a partnership, a valuable and structural collaboration can be developed based on a shared mission and vision. In addition, OBV offers unique hospitality and experience for your employees, customers, network, etc. Opera Ballet Vlaanderen can provide visibility for your brand and organization in combination with an artistic program in a unique setting.

As a Friend of OBV, we are more than happy to open the doors of opera and ballet wide, because Friends have a special advantage. And our OBV Ambassadors show their heart for culture with their membership, more specifically for opera, ballet, and music education.

Working together with OBV or becoming a member of our Friends or Ambassadors is a meaningful contribution to a socially relevant organization: you support the largest arts institution in Flanders.

An Verschooten - Corporate Affairs ( - 0479 34 69 96)

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