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The children's rights in Crusade

In conversation with Johan De Smet and Jaouad Alloul

Thu, Apr 20, 2023

2223 KRU teaser kinderrechten still

Kruistocht will be a contemporary family opera, by composer Frederik Neyrinck and director Johan De Smet, and is at the same time a quest for children's rights.The performance zooms in on the theme of child slavery and migration, but above all it shows that children really have the right to happiness.

On stage, a very colourful company including performer Jaouad Alloul, the Compact Disk Dummies, an opera singer, an actress and the Symphonic Orchestra of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. But also 50 children from the Kopergietery and our Children's Choir are rehearsing hard during this Easter holiday: in a straight line to the world premiere in a few weeks' time.

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