The press about Mahagonny at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

'A captivating story, in an equally captivating staging with excellent music.'

Mon, Sep 19, 2022

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A captivating story, in an equally captivating staging with excellent music, makes this production an ideal entry point for opera novices, but equally confirms how entertaining an evening can be for fans and experts alike.

- De Standaard

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny by Brecht, Weill and Van Hove: a hit at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen!

- Klara

Next to us in the audience was a couple who had bought opera tickets for the first time. ‘We love it, very accessible. But maybe we don’t know enough about it,’ they said somewhat coyly. They know enough of it.

- De Tijd

Director Ivo van Hove does a good job of illuminating the contrast between the upbeat music and the raw libretto.

- De Volkskrant

34 A8328

That mix of real and fake, of estrangement and subjectivity, makes for a lot of exhilarating or moving moments.

- De Morgen

The choir was magnificent. The singers offer top quality.

- Klassiek Centraal

From the first minute you had the feeling that you were with the fortune hunters on their way to the city of Mahagonny, where pleasure reigns and lack of money is punishable by death.

- De Tijd

MG 9098

Ivo van Hove's staging enhances the illusory nature of the city of Mahagonny through continuous live filming and the use of green screens.

- Klara

Ivo van Hove's staging borders on austerity, but hits the nail on the head. This mastery, which approaches perfection, can also be found in the musical direction of Alejo Pérez, constantly burning with intensity and implacable in the management of rhythms.

- La Libre Belgique

Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny

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