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Continuity guaranteed in artistic vision

Thu, May 4, 2023

Preview Filip Van Roe Jan Vandenhouwe 3

Last week, the board of directors of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen unanimously decided to grant Jan Vandenhouwe a second mandate as artistic director of our house. In doing so, the house is opting for continuity in our artistic course as Flanders' largest cultural institution.

Jan Vandenhouwe will remain artistic director of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen until 2031. The board extended his current mandate - which expires in 2025 - for a new six-year term. The board was unanimous in this decision. In the next season 2023-2024, Jan Vandenhouwe will present no less than six world creations.

With this decision, the board opts for continuity in the artistic direction of Flanders' largest cultural institution.

Jan Vandenhouwe became artistic director of opera in 2019 and also of ballet after the departure of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in 2021. He also introduced the third pillar Vonk, the platform for education, inclusion and experimentation. He will remain artistically responsible for all three until 2031.

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