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Philippe Herreweghe and Julian Rosefeldt are also Faust

Sat, Jun 18, 2022


For Faust, we brought in top talent. Conductor Philipppe Herreweghe is without doubt one of the Schumann specialists. Besides conducting Opera Ballet Vlaanderen's choir and children's choir, he also conducts his 'own' Collegium Vocale and Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, of which he is still honorary conductor.

Visual artist Julian Rosefeldt takes up the challenge of making a scenic version of this work. Watch the full interview via the link in bio and discover how they approached their work and why Faust, especially in this musical version, continues to fascinate and inspire...

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Video: © Sebastiaan Beysen, montage: © Simon Robbrecht

Video: © Sebastiaan Beysen, montage: © Simon Robbrecht

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