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Brodeck's meaningful costumes

Costumes that transport us to a unique world full of symbolism and depth.

Thu, Jan 18, 2024

Kostuum algemeen

In the intriguing world of Brodeck, costumes are an essential part of the narrative. Full of signs and hints, they reveal the characters' complex backgrounds. 'The story can take place both long ago and in the future, anywhere and with anyone', explains costume designer Clara Peluffo Valentini.

'The challenge for costume design in this production was to create a community without specific clues about the era or location. The story, inspired by Claudel, has a timeless character. It can take place as well as long ago as in the future, anywhere and with anyone. So also with us, and also today. Small hints, such as the couriers of take-out meals add depth and keep the mystery alive. The character Fedorine, for instance, uses a soldier's helmet as a vegetable basket. Thus, we reveal a story of military invasion and current reconstruction, both physical and emotional.'

'Brodeck, the main character and also an outsider in the village, still partly wears the costume of a prisoner and also literally the marks of that period.'

Kostuum Brodeck

'Brodeck's wife, Emélia, who does not speak but only sings, wears a dress that was once cheerful but is now faded and dirty. A tangible symbol of the traumas she has endured.'

Kostuum Emelia

'I shaped the members of the children's choir as explorers, majorettes and scouts. They are the representatives of hope in the future. They play with what the invaders have left behind as a symbol of resilience and rebuilding.'

'The cyborg punk aesthetic adds a touch of fantasy, while the faceless invaders represent the dark shadow sides of humanity.'

Kostuum Kinderkoor

'The creative collaboration with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen's team of costume, hair and make-up is remarkable. They are not only professional and stylish, but above all full of ideas. Their involvement in the production goes beyond mere execution, diving deep into the story and contributing to the overall atmosphere of the performance.'

Kostuum Fédorine

Costume drawings by Clara Peluffo Valentini

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