Children's Choir

The Children's Chorus is made up of some 40 enthusiastic boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 16. Besides singing and acting in Opera Ballet Vlaanderen productions, they take on a wide range of fascinating side projects. They are regularly invited to participate in symphonic concerts, for example by the National Orchestra of Belgium, Brussels Philharmonic, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and Casco Phil.

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The young singers can be heard on various CDs and have also completed several (music) theater projects, including at NTGent, LOD, Muziektheater Transparant and Kopergietery. Under the direction of Hendrik Derolez, the children's chorus rehearses every Sunday morning in Antwerp. In addition to the search for a natural and pure singing technique, much attention is devoted to personal development and the interaction between the individual and the collective. The fact that every child feels at home in the group contributes to the high level at which this chorus is able to perform. In the 2022-'23 and 2023-'24 seasons, the Children's Chorus plays a central role in the new production Kruistocht (Crusade) by composer Frederik Neyrinck and theater maker Johan De Smet in a co-production with Kopergietery.

  • Maxim De Cang

  • Annabelle De Geyter

  • Jamila De Melo Rego

  • Omar De Melo Rego

  • Ares De Neef

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Rosie De Roeck

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Paul De Vel

  • Rufus Decroos

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Millo Devroede

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Diogo Lowie Dhondt Catalão

  • Hannah Douibi

  • Lucija Frühauf

  • Milla Heyrman

  • Li-Wei Huang

  • Liyana Iljazi

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Anna Imbrechts

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Antoni Jarosz

  • Lisa Lowyck

  • Astrid Marien

  • Oliwier Miller

  • Maia Moortgat

  • Nora Onuchina

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Senn Philips

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Paloma Prado Hernandez

  • Emma Moens

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Mykhailo Riabov

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Grey Rasic

  • Axelle Roux

  • Lars Steeman

  • Wilhem Thesée

  • Mathis Van den Bergh

  • Dylan Van den Branden

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Amelie van Olmen

  • Baruck van Olmen

  • Isabella van Olmen

  • Miel Van Severen

  • Elise-Marie Vansteenkiste

  • Vladimir Verbeeck

  • Annika Vermeer

  • Alexander Wajnberg

    Lid Kinderkoor

  • Marijke Boudeweel

  • Elisabeth Alders

  • Ilse Cox

  • Leen Cuyckens

  • Merel De Coorde

  • Andreas De Weert

  • Eline Hadermann

  • Klaas Moortgat

    Begeleider Kinderkoor

  • Katrijn Van Cauwenberghe

  • Noa Calluy

    Begeleidster Kinderkoor

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