Martens / De Keersmaeker / Brown

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Martens / De Keersmaeker / Brown

Martens / De Keersmaeker / Brown

Jan Martens / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Trisha Brown

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Three choreographers, five performances of 20th-century chamber music. Trisha Brown shares the evening with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Jan Martens.

Three generations, three choreographers, each having followed their own path, but who nevertheless built upon each other’s work, in more than one respect. In a perfect dialectic, they each in their own way reconcile reverence for music with equally exalted dance, rules with freedom, abstraction with recognisability, and virtuosity with minimalism.

In her iconic Twelve Ton Rose, Trisha Brown, after several decades as one of the world’s leading figures in postmodern dance, found her match in the concentrated music of Anton Webern. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, one of her admirers, would, in turn, irrevocably claim a place in the sanctum sanctorum of the Flemish dance canon with her early piece Fase, to compositions by Steve Reich. Jan Martens, an ardent fan of both, created one of the most breath-taking choreographies of recent years with his fearless and frenetic ON SPEED in 2021. The clear lines of composer Graciela Paraskevaídis inspired him to choreograph the world-premiering creation of the evening: GRACIELA QUINTET.

Approx. 2h10, including a break after Fase.

After the performances on 25 May (Theater 't Eilandje) and 9 June (Opera Ghent), you can attend an afterword, 10 minutes after the end of the performance. Our dramaturges will engage in a conversation with the production team and the audience.

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From €19

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