The iconic PUUR from Wim Vandekeybus

From up close in rehearsals

Thu, Mar 28, 2024

2324 PUU PUUR Wim Vandekeybus kostuumrepetitiec Danny Willems OBV T4 SC6359

In his iconic production PUUR, Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus explores extreme violence against the innocent.

Vandekeybus tells the story of a man who kills out of fear of losing his power. The choreographer was not only inspired by ancient mythologies and Herod's biblical massacre of children, but also by contemporary genocides. In PUUR, Vandekeybus creates deeply human character studies with epic proportions. In this hybrid production, dance, theater, and film come together in a dark universe where Vandekeybus' dynamic movement language and evocative images never lose their poetic power.

Belgian all-round artist Wim Vandekeybus belongs to the group of internationally renowned choreographers and directors who formed the Flemish Wave in the 1980s. For the first time, Vandekeybus' work is now part of the repertoire of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. This fits perfectly with the mission to continue showcasing important oeuvres of Flemish choreographers and passing them on to a new generation of dancers and audiences. PUUR is an unmissable highlight from recent Flemish dance history.


Antwerp | Gent


Wim Vandekeybus

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