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The story of Tristan und Isolde

An all-consuming love affair

Thu, Mar 9, 2023

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In 'Tristan und Isolde', we follow the all-consuming love story between a melancholic knight and an untamable princess.


During a fight, Tristan kills Isolde's betrothed, Morold. When Isolde has the opportunity to take revenge, she believes from a look in Tristan's eyes that he loves her. She tends to his wounds and thus saves his life. The opera begins when Tristan takes Isolde as a captive to King Marke, who wishes to marry her. Isolde is frantic with rage and cannot abide Tristan's betrayal. Aiming to kill him and then die herself, she orders her maid Brangäne to prepare a poison cup. But instead, Brangäne provides a love potion that inextricably entwines the young couple: Isolde with Tristan, and Tristan with Isolde.

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While King Marke is on the hunt, Isolde waits for Tristan in a fever of desire. It will be their first meeting since her marriage to the king. Brangäne warns them repeatedly that this is a trap set by Melot, a friend of Tristan's who is secretly in love with Isolde. But to no avail: the two lovers surrender completely to their insatiable, burning desire. King Marke catches them in the act and is deeply saddened by their betrayal. Melot is beside himself with rage and mortally wounds Tristan, who does not resist. Tristan hopes that Isolde will choose to follow him in death.

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Mortally wounded, Tristan is brought back to his native land by his loyal friend Kurwenal, and awaits Isolde. The fever gives him hallucinations. He believes Isolde is by his side. He thinks he hears an old tune from his childhood, while the painful memory of his parents' deaths is stronger than ever. Isolde, who has crossed the sea, finally arrives. Tristan dies. King Marke has learned from Brangäne that Tristan's love for Isolde was caused by the potion and not his free will. But the monarch comes too late to forgive them. Kurwenal and Melot kill each other. Death is omnipresent. Isolde, in ecstasy, desires to be absorbed in the universe, in a swoon: ‘to drown, to founder, – unconscious –, utmost rapture!'

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