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Did you know that you are not only welcome at our performances, but that our three buildings can also be the setting for your own events?

Speak and our doors will swing open for you. We offer a range of VIP packages for attending our performances, but both theatres are also very inspiring event locations.


Opera Gent dates back to 1840 and is located in the historic centre of the city, on the Kouter, with restaurants, hotels and shops within walking distance. Parking is available in front of the building and in the immediate vicinity. For users of the train or public transport, accessibility is also optimal.

With its rich decorations, stately staircases and glittering chandeliers, it is a unique setting.

A professional team will assist you and guide you to the end. Together with our preferential caterers, we provide an exclusive experience, so that you and your guests can look back on a successful event.

Schouwburgstraat 3
9000 Ghent
(Visitor entrance via peristylium)

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In the first half of the 19th century, it is the wealthy Ghent industrialists who provide the impetus for building a new, luxurious opera house. The building should become a showcase for their great, newly acquired wealth. City architect Louis Roelandt designed an exceptionally high-quality urban ensemble between the Kouter - the socio-cultural and economic beating heart of the city - and the Koophandelsplein, for which he had already designed the Justitiepaleis.

The 90-metre-long façade of the opera took up almost the entire newly laid-out Schouwburgstraat. The unusually dynamic ground plan (an L-shape with elongated rooms instead of the traditional squares and circles of classicism) and the atmosphere of wealth and bourgeois comfort demand a renewed style and approach. Neo-Renaissance, with its rich ornamentation and sumptuous decoration, uses this language perfectly. New techniques are primarily used for their decorative properties. After all, decoration takes precedence over functionality. Roelandt called on two renowned Parisian decorators to design the interior: Humanité-René Philastre and Charles-Antoine Cambon. The result is a sumptuous, harmonious interplay of architecture, painting and sculpture with an iconographic programme spread throughout the building. It is also typical that a large part of the public areas were given a party and banquet function.

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The Theatre Hall is a bonbonnière of character with perfect technical facilities and world-class acoustics. Opera Ballet Flanders presents its own exciting programme of opera, music theatre, ballet and dance. But the stage is also regularly used for various types of events such as academic sessions, gala evenings, award ceremonies, conferences, seminars, concerts and film screenings.

The Theatre Hall can be combined with three Salons (Foyer, Redoute Hall and Lully Hall) for networking moments or break outs.


  • Up to 650 seats for conferences and events where the Salons are combined
  • Up to 900 seats for concerts
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Three separate salons, the Foyer, Redoute Hall, and Lully Hall, together form a 90-meter-long enfilade with a breathtaking spatial effect that is accentuated by the play of many mirrors and magnificent chandeliers.

Depending on the purpose of your event, they can be used separately or in combination.


This oval ballroom exudes a cheerful and elegant atmosphere. It was originally conceived for the organisation of parties and balls.

This room is ideal for dinners, receptions, lectures, meetings, product presentations, intimate concerts, and professional and corporate photo or film shoots.

22 Redoute


The interior is a successful combination of neoclassicism and renaissance. The space is ideal for meetings, receptions and dinners.

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It is the focal point of the suite of showpieces. Here, the architecture is completely subordinated to the breathtaking opulence of the ornaments. The room is especially impressive in the evening when the magnificent chandeliers, the 'sac-à-perles', give it the necessary splendour and enchantment.

This hall is ideal for concerts, lectures, dinners, receptions, seminars, academic sessions, product presentations and corporate and professional photo and film shoots.

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