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The story of Creature

Wed, Dec 14, 2022

Preview 2223 CRE Creature Khan repetitiebeeld extrac Filip Van Roe DSC8010

With Creature, Akram Khan creates an impressive spectacle in which the full ballet company can shine. The dark story is set at an arctic research centre, somewhere in the near future. There, a military brigade is conducting a daring experiment on a mysterious creature. Find out how this creature fares here.

First act

In a decaying former research station at the North Pole lives Creature, enlisted by a military brigade for a bold new experimental programme. He is tested for his mental and physical adaptability to extreme cold, loneliness and homesickness, vital qualities in man's planned colonisation of the last frontiers on Earth and in space.

When he is not doing hard labour with fellow soldier Andres, Creature is observed and examined by the Brigade Doctor, and cared for by his handler Marie, with whom he is in love. The Major's arrival breaks the brigade's routine with news of the historic mission they have been training for. Creature is sent on an arduous expedition. Upon his return, the countdown begins and the brigade celebrates the impending departure. Without being invited, Andres and Creature dance along, but suddenly the festivities are interrupted.


Second act

The Doctor celebrates the success of her experiments on Creature with a presentation to the brigade. The Major tries to seduce Marie by inviting her along on the mission, and sends Creature away, straight into the blizzard. Creature gets beaten by the Major. The countdown to mission launch begins. When Marie turns down the Major's advances, the Major gets angry and starts threatening. The brigade and the Major leave the site. Lonely among the debris, Creature looks back and mourns the loss of Marie.

Photos: Filip Van Roe

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