Rates and discounts


Opera and ballet performances

In order to ensure that the prices of each seat correspond as closely as possible to visibility, we implement a seating arrangement based on different categories and their corresponding price ranges. We primarily consider the distance to and sightlines towards the stage.

During the online purchasing process, after selecting your seat, you can use the 360-degree view to see a photo with the perspective towards the stage from your chosen seat. The box office is also happy to provide you with this information.

Tickets are non-refundable.



We offer extra support for youth so they don't miss out.


  • Those 26 or younger receive a generous 50% discount
    when purchasing a subscription.
  • Those 35 or younger receive a substantial 30% discount
    when purchasing a subscription.

Single Tickets

  • Those 18 years or younger can purchase single tickets
    with a 50% discount.
  • Those 30 years or younger can purchase single tickets
    with a 30% discount.
  • Holders of an EYCA card (European Youth Card Association) receive a 50% discount on their ticket.
  • Last-minute rate: Starting half an hour before the performance, available seats are sold for 10 euros to those 26 or younger (upon presentation of your ID card).
  • Holder of an OKO-card, can purchase tickets at a professional rate. This purchase can only be confirmed by call, via mail or at our box office.


Groups of 10 or more people receive discounts on our performances:

  • Groups of 10 to 30 people: 10% off
  • Groups of 31 to 60 people: 15% off
  • Groups of 61 or more people: 20% off

For a custom group arrangement, you can contact Marianne Boterdaele. Phone: 09 268 10 57 / Email: groepen@operaballet.be.


Opera Ballet Vlaanderen actively promotes accessibility and inclusivity. Through an adapted pricing policy, we aim to lower financial barriers. The charm of our historic buildings presents challenges in meeting modern comfort standards for people with limited mobility. We are happy to discuss this with you and invite you to share your questions with us at info@operaballet.be.


Subscriptions are advantageous if you attend more than one or two performances a year and come in different sizes, shapes and price formulas. You can find a season ticket from as little as 3 performances. Check the overview to find out in the overview which season ticket best suits you.

Group discounts

Groups of 15 or more enjoy the following discounts on operas, ballets and concerts:

  • groups of 16 to 40 persons: 10%.
  • groups of 41 to 80 persons: 15%.
  • 81 or more persons: 20%.

Only for school groups (except for opera and ballet) do we provide one accompanying adult per 15 pupils free of charge. You can find more information about our school offer here.

Please note:

  • These discounts are available for telephone bookings or through the box office; they are only occasionally available for online ticket sales.
  • If you order online with a discount, your card will not be sent to you. You can pick it up at the box office upon presentation of your discount card.
  • Are you entitled to a discount but your tickets have already been booked and paid for? Unfortunately, we cannot refund you the difference. So pay attention before you book and make sure you select the right fare. Is the fare not available online? Please contact the box office.

Persons with disabilities

Those eligible for this rate receive a 50% discount on the standard price. Special wheelchair spaces are available on the ground floor for opera and ballet performances. If a companion is necessary, the same discount applies. Tickets at this rate can only be ordered by phone or in person through the box office and upon presentation of an official certificate. We also ask that you mention if special assistance is required at the time of reservation. This rate cannot be applied retroactively (please mention the discount when ordering).
Adapted restrooms are available in all our venues.

In Opera Ghent, the elevator only goes up to the level of the first balcony, where the foyer and lounges are located. In Opera Antwerp, the elevator goes all the way to the top. If you have limited mobility, seats on the ground floor or the first balcony are always the best option.

Assistance dogs are welcome with prior notice.

If you have additional questions or need special assistance, please contact us at info@operaballet.be.

Opportunity Rate

Both in Antwerp and Ghent, you can purchase tickets at the opportunity rate. In Antwerp, this can be done with the A-card, and in Ghent, the discount applies upon presentation of your Ghent UiTPAS. These discounts are not valid for subscriptions. Tickets at the opportunity rate can be purchased up to 1 day before the performance. Your card is strictly personal. This rate cannot be applied retroactively (please mention the discount when ordering).

Job seekers

Job seekers can attend our performances on weekdays at a discounted rate of 25%. Tickets at this rate can only be ordered by phone or in person through the box office and upon presentation of an official certificate.

Warm place

Opera Ballet Flanders is a Warm Place. Therefore, we offer deferred tickets for people with limited financial means. Thanks to the Enchanté citizen initiative, known for deferred coffees, you can purchase a deferred ticket for someone with limited financial possibilities. You can do this online by adding one or more Enchanté tickets to your shopping cart. If you reserve your tickets at the counter, by phone, or by email, you can request to add a deferred ticket to your reservation.

Enchanté announces the offer through ambassadors and social partners such as OCMW, psychiatric institutions, homeless organizations, etc. People can request a deferred ticket from us on-site.

Keep an eye on our website to consult the performances and dates with this rate. You can find more information about this initiative on enchantevzw.be.

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