Youngsters to opera or ballet

Have you, as a younger person, become acquainted with opera or ballet? Would you like to know what you can experience during a performance? And did you know that we have reduced prices for young people under 30 and for students?

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Our discounts

Young people receive an extra boost from us and don't have to miss out.

Those who are 26 years old or younger receive a whopping 50% discount when purchasing a subscription.
Those who are 35 years old or younger receive a generous 30% discount when purchasing a subscription.

Individuals who are 18 years old or younger can purchase single tickets with a 50% discount.
Those who are 30 years old or younger can purchase single tickets with a 30% discount.
Holders of an EYCA card (European Youth Card Association) receive a 50% discount on their ticket.

Starting half an hour before the start of the performance, available seats are sold for 10 euros to anyone 26 years old or younger (upon presentation of your ID card).

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Is opera or ballet something for you?

If you haven't yet become acquainted with opera or ballet, you may not know exactly what to expect. That's only logical, because a performance at Opera Ballet Flanders is always surprising! Our programme includes classics, new creations and work by established artists as well as young and up-and-coming talent. Take a look at the programme overview and choose from a wide range of performances.


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Prior knowledge?

You do not need any previous knowledge to enjoy opera or ballet. But it does help if you have read or watched something about the story or know some background of the performance.

For each show, we provide articles, video and photo material in the weeks leading up to the performance. This will give you an idea of what you will see and experience. You can find this content on our social media, on this website and in our newsletters.

Do you want to dive deeper? Then come extra early for the free introduction. There you will learn more about the context of the performance, what to look out for and what message the artists want to bring with the performance.

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Need some tips for your first visit?

Are you already itching to step inside? Well done! Do you still need some tips for your visit?

Get to know opera or ballet

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